About us

Rubio López Lawyers

We are international legal and tax services firm who advises at a local, regional and global level from all angles of business law.

The strength lies in our team that works transversally to solve the problems of its clients and in the values it shares: maximum quality of service, ethical commitment and innovative attitude to anticipate market needs.

With the ultimate goal of contributing to generating an environment of security and trust that promotes the development of companies in a more fair, ethical and responsible society.

We advise from all angles of business law with a 360º vision that crosses borders.

Customers are at the center of our strategy. We are at your side every day, anticipating your needs and helping you make the best decisions from all angles of business law. To advance the business, We rely on different levers, such as internationalization, digitalization and sustainability.

Rubio López it is the result of more than 25 years of history at the forefront of the legal sector. At each stage, we evolved and anticipated the changes that were to come, always maintaining the essence of the profession and the firm: being at each client's side, being able to identify and interpret their needs, and offer the best service.

What differentiates us from the rest

In large businesses, economies of scale prevail, where volume and size are basic for competitiveness. Quantity, and not always quality, is a determining element for success. In other sectors such as the legal profession, attention, trust and dedication as legal artisans are determining factors for choosing a professional, highlighting the following strengths.

Our office focuses on tax, commercial and civil law, which allows us to approach each case with in-depth knowledge backed by experience. We offer different alternatives when looking for the most suitable solution for our clients.

At Rubio López Abogados we combine excellence in legal practice and advocacy with a belief that we have maintained throughout our history: value is born from people and for people, which are the inspiration and drive to improve every day.

We are a committed team that solves your legal challenges and understand business law as a space in which judgment and innovation come together to make your objectives possible.

We advise from all angles of business law